e-retail web application software for universal insurance


Building an insurance claims submission app

Universal Insurance PLC wanted to provide a more efficient way of paying for insurance premium

  • Simplifying the procedure with a friendly, clear, and easy-to-use tool
  • Reducing the average insurance processing time and cost
  • Providing a fast, safe, and secure system that allows all users to handle all kinds of documentation
  • Integrating a feature within the current website accessible to anybody, with no installation required regardless of the device used
  • Skipping user account creation during the insurance purchase process
  • Integrate payment gateway for easy payment

The solution

The web application had to achieve two main goals: Allow all users make payment for premium round the clock without having to log in and/or create a user account, and allow the insurance company to manage, process, and assess submitted information at the backend.

To accomplish these goals we decided to build two completely different user interfaces — a front-end user interface and a back-end user interface — each providing a custom solution with specific and unique features.

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