Ethical Hacking Enable Security

We find security vulnerabilities in web application, web services, frameworks, cloud-native & serverless applications, mobile applications built for Android, iOS and software written for Internet of things (IoT). We do comprehensive security assessments that include threat modelling, architectural reviews, pentesting and source code review. Services we offer:

Offensive security tools and quality penetration testing to help protect your real-time communications systems against attack.

  • Web Application Pentest & Security Assessment
  • Cloud, Compute and Serverless Security
  • Server, Database and Application Security
  • WordPress/Drupal/Joomla Security and Hardening
  • Mobile Application Pentest & Security Assessment
  • Infrastructure and Application Stack Security Assessment
  • Secure Code Review & Threat modelling
  • Security Algorithm design and implementation
  • Evaluation of custom Security implementations & protocols
  • Application Security Automation, Scripting
  • Security Engineering & Security Tool Development
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